Author: Diane Woolrich

Diane Woolrich is a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist working in private practice.  She helps people live a life that is true to themselves, to be kind to themselves by changing their negative thoughts and behaviours, to be able to fulfil their true potential.

Improving Your Mental Health Through Kindness

May 28, 2020
Improve your mental health. Be kind. You’re familiar with the phrase to give and not to count the cost, right? It follows the quote, “Kindness to you is Kindness to...

Tips for staying Mentally Strong in the Corona (Covid-19) virus crisis

March 24, 2020
In this last week the world as we know it turned upside down. If you didn’t struggle with worry and anxiety before, then you may now. It’s becoming harder to...

February, The Month of Love. Learn to Love Yourself & Improve Your Self-Confidence

February 20, 2020
Nurturing your true self and being grateful is difficult when life’s tough. You might ask yourself what have I got to be grateful for? “I’ve no money, the kids are...